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Academy of Women's studies and Islamic Sciences (AWIS) provides Hadiya programme to young women along with higher secondary studies. Hadiya is a specially designed curriculum for women, who completed their class 10th, with Islamic and secular sciences. Aiming to mould a steadfast women community with thorough understanding of Islamic knowledge and tradition, the programme includes core Islamic subjects such sharia, theology, Qur’anic exegesis (Tafseer), and Islamic Ideology along with some important skill-developing, necessary to serve their family with excellence expertise. The students enjoy the opportunity to pursue their higher secondary studies of their choice. In addition to imparting sacred and profound knowledge, the curriculum, and the environment within which it is taught have been set up to produce a band of female scholars, their life marked by tradition, culture, spirituality, humanity and responsibility. Presently, as many as 6750 girls have been enrolled in Hadiya programme under 103 accredited institutes across the country.